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The Fishing Lodge at Patshull Park and the 75 acres of fishing lakes provide a superb amenity for fishermen, offering a choice of trout, coarse or pike fishing depending on the season.

Please browse our fishing pages for further information including all aspects of Patshull Park Fisheries and the services available at our Fishing Lodge. If you have any queries or require further information please call the Fishing Lodge direct on 01902 700774.

Day Tariffs - 2015 season

Full Day Ticket (inc 3 trout and boat hire) £26.00
5 Hour Ticket (inc 2 trout) £17.50
Hourly Trout Fishing (no fish allowance) £5.00
Junior Trout (inc 1 trout) £7.50
Coarse Fishing (Bridge Pool) £6.00
Junior Coarse Fishing (Bridge Pool) £5.00
Coarse Fishing (Great Lake) £8.00
Coarse Fishing (Lady Barbara Pool) £10.00
Pike Fishing £8.50
Match Fishing from £8.00

Ancillary Services

Boat Hire - 2 anglers                              

£7.50 (day)

Boat Hire - 1 angler £5.50(day)
Electric Engine Hire £12.00
Trout Equipment Hire (rod, line, reel) £12.00
Additional Trout £3.50 per lb

2015 Opening Times

Monday - Sunday 8am - 5pm 

Fisheries Facts

The fishery consists of four lakes;

The Great Lake is 75 acres in size and has depths from 6 - 28 feet.
The Lady Barbara Pool is 12 acres in size and around 8 feet in depth.
The Bridge Pool is 2 acres in size and around 6 feet in depth.
The Church Pool is 10 acres in size and around 8 feet in depth.

Trout Fishing
Available: The Great Lake
When? 1st March - 31st July and 1st November - 28th February
More commonly known as fly-fishing or can be referred to as game fishing.  It is carried out using artifical flies or lures.  We have both Rainbow and Brown trout in the Great Lake.  As Rainbow trout are not a natural British species they do not breed naturally in our waters, so the lake is stocked on a regular basis throughout the season with an average size of 1 1/2 lbs up to as large as 8lbs. Fish caught are generally killed although we do allow anglers to 'catch and release' using barbless hooks once their limit is caught.

Coarse Fishing
Available/When?: Bridge Pool (all year), Great Lake (1st August - 24th February), Lady Barbara Pool (1st May - 15th March)
These are broad category lakes that covers all fresh water fish except trout and salmon..  Some anglers specialise in one species e.g. pike, eels etc.  It is usually carried out using some form of bait like maggots, worm, casters, corn etc.  The main species in our non-syndiicated lakes are Roach, Bream, Tench, Eels, and Perch.

Pike Fishing
Available: The Great Lake
When? 11th Octover - 24th February
A specialised form of coarse fishing where only pike are targeted, usually using some sort of fish for bait.  Lure fishing using plugs, pirks and spinning is another common method.  Some anglers are now also fly-fishing for pike.

Carp Fishing
Available: Church Pool, Great Lake
When? 1st May - 15th March
Another type of coarse fishing, we have both common and mirror carp.