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Man v Expert
by Stephen
30 July 2014

Man v Expert is a new Discovery TV Fishing show and we were lucky enough to have hosted the show here at Patshull Park on July 25th!

The show pits the skills of a local fishing expert against a celebrity who has little fishing knowledge but who is secretly given some advantages by the film crew  – the show is due to be aired on national TV in the autumn.  

Patshull was also a venue for a National Geographic Fishing show in 2013 which saw 3 international anglers competing on Patshull’s renowned Great Lake. 

In King Fishers, each adrenaline-filled episode pits three highly skilled anglers against one another in three seperate fishing expeditions around the world.  Challenging each other in their home waters, the fishmen bring plenty of rivalry along with bonding, banter and big catches during spectacular global treks, resulting in gripping - and sometimes hilarious - encounters

This competition isn't just about who catches the most and who catches the biggest. It's about who hosts the ultimate fishing trip, and the one who does wins the King Fishers trophy.