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Compliments all round!
by Liv Kimbell
21 January 2013

Social media sites provide a platform for customers to converse with businesses successfully.

With social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare becoming ever popular with businesses, Patshull Park has set up sites to increase the interaction between customers and the Hotel.

As a result, we've had fantastic feedback that allows us to funnel the information we know the customer wants.

Recent additions to Facebook are our Pro Shop and Fishery pages. 

Fishermen have been able to post pictures of the latest catches, converse with each other about upcoming competitions and congratulate eachother on the 'catch of the day'.

Golfers have been able to set up society days and exchange golf tips, all adding to the experience.

The Fitness Club and Hotel both have well established Facebook and Twitter pages with a steadily increasing following. What does social media mean to the members at the Fitness Club? It allows members to comment on each other's weight loss achievements, on charity events, and on upcoming classes.

Melanie Gibson recently commented on the Club's Facebook page and said, "I rejoined Patshull Park after straying to a cheaper gym. Now that I'm back, I realise it is the best and has everything. After just a couple of hours I felt not only fitter but completely pampered too! I won't be going anywhere else again."

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