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The Fishing Lakes at Patshull Park

Our fishing hotel is locared between Telford and Wolverhampton in the scenic county of Shropshire. Patshull Park has four separate fishing lakes spanning over 75 acres!

Trout fishing at Patshull Park commences in the first week of March when the Great Lake is stocked with rainbow trout up to 15lb in weight, to augment the resident head of the native brown trout. 
The lake is then stocked regularly with fish from 1 ¼ - 15lb from the Exe Valley Trout Farm in Devon and great care is taken by the fishery staff to stock all areas of the Great Lake.
A fleet of 36 punts, along with a range of electric motors can be hired from the lodge, but, if you’re feeling in need of exercise, oars are available!

Bank fly fishing is good, and there are four large pontoons, and a decent grass bank on the far side of the lake in Lodge Bay. For coarse anglers fishing during the winter, there are steps and platforms cut into the bank all the way to the Hotel frontage, where anglers can expect good sport from a large head of bream, roach, perch and some cracking pike.

Tactics vary greatly depending upon the time of year. Early season, fast sinking lines with White Lures and Boobies will always score well. When the temperature rises and the large Patshull buzzers start to come off, nymphs fished slowly on intermediate or slow sinking lines could see you with a bag of silvered rainbows in a very short space of time.

Dry fly fishing on the Great Lake on a balmy summer evening has to be experienced. The thrill of casting to a rising fish in the fading light, watching as the fly is gently sucked under, and the resistance on the rod tip as the trout dives for the cover of deep water is a memory that will last a lifetime.

The Bridge Pool is open to anglers throughout the year and has an enormous head of fish, while the Church and Lady Barbara Pools are available to carp and coarse fishing syndicate members only.

One of the benefits of Patshull Park is that once your limit has been reached you don’t have to pack up and go home, because the fishery allows catch and release after taking your last fish.


Our well stocked fishing lakes provide a superb amenity for fishermen looking for fishing memberships, fishing days or fishing breaks.


For more information on our four fishing lakes please call the Fisheries on 01902 700774.